Fixed Annuities

What You Need To Know About Annuities

Many past generations went into retirement relying on Social Security, supplemented by an employer-provided pension plan. Times have changed and now most people are responsible for funding their own retirements. Significant fluctuations in the stock market during your latter years could be especially devastating to investments when you no longer have the years to ride out a recovery.

Almost half of Americans cite running out of money as their chief retirement concern

After spending a lifetime working, sadly many people are hesitant to enjoy their Golden Years not feeling confident how much money they can safely spend each month.

A fixed annuity may be the perfect solution to provide peace of mind with an additional source of guaranteed income that you can’t outlive. You can still benefit from market gains without any risk, even in the event of a market crash. Annuities are often funded with a lump sum amount of money from a 401K or IRA, the sale of a home or an inheritance, but can also be very small investments including a competitive CD alternative.

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